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The audit workandfamily (audit berufundfamilie) is the strategic management tool that supports companies and institutions in implementing a sustainable family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy. The audit family-friendly university (audit familiengerechte hochschule) is the special instrument for creating family-friendly research and study conditions in universities. The audit is suitable for employers in any branch of industry as well as in various business units.

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The audit workandfamily (audit berufundfamilie) is a strategic management tool that companies and institutions use to align their HR policies with family and life-conscious awareness. Employers who use the audit work together with us to provide tailor-made and needs-based measures.

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With the audit family-friendly university (audit familiengerechte hochschule), universities, colleges and academies are actively working towards their goal of making studying and working conditions suitable for families. Using the audit they have decided to do justice to the variety of life plans and family forms.

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The audit is the central offer of the berufundfamilie Service GmbH and is based on an initiative of the Non-Profit Hertie Foundation. How the audit works and what benefits it achieves is shown by this explanatory film.

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berufundfamilie Service GmbH is a service provider and the competence provider in the field of compatibility of work, family and private life. We successfully accompany companies, institutions and universities in the implementation of a sustainable family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy and the design of family-friendly research and study conditions.

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